That Some May be Free...

Think of the most courageous person you know, what they faced, and how they faced it to have such a special place in your mind. The best definition I have for what makes them special is 'mettle,' the ability to face challenging circumstances in a spirited and resilient way. Truly winning these battles is a lifelong endeavor, and we are interested in being more like these people.

So we strengthen the whole person, mentally, physically, and spiritually, so that we are able to face violence, disease, aging, and all of life's challenges with mettle.

We use functional training to make us better protectors, and better survivors, but also to cultivate a positive survival mentality based on perspective.


We hope that will help strengthen our culture, nation, and families, and we look forward to training with you.

Mettle is freedom.

US Citizens only

Prices vary by location and class size

Ask about veteran discount

CPL Classes

Individuals, small groups welcome, using MCRGO's excellent curriculum. We teach throughout Michigan.

Defensive Pistol & Advanced Concealed Carry

Practical self-defense, fundamentals, carry considerations, and combat dynamics: fire and maneuver for the armed citizen.

Defensive Carbine

Fundamentals, combat dynamics, fire and maneuver, team tactics, practical use.

Functional Fitness

Functional nutrition programs developed by our own Registered Dietician, functional fitness programs.